• E-commerce Using CoD

    - We provide a 360-degree solution for your e-commerce business to open new markets and bring in new potential clients

    - Cash on delivery is the preferred payment method in most countries in Africa, South America and South East Asia. Attract more leads and clients by providing payment methods they understand.

    - We handle the pain of local cash collection and provide transfer services to extract the money from those countries.

  • Drop shippers

    - Expansion opportunity to emerging markets

    - Local customer support to handle complaints and returns

    - Organise local inventory to save on logistics costs and decrease time to customer

    - Marketing research support to reach more customers


Sending a parcel has become a lot easier with PFCEX which gives you access to a platform that allows to schedule deliveries in a few clicks.

A speedy door to door express service to major centres. Your shipment will be collected and dispatched on the first available flight and delivered as soon as the cargo is available from the airlines.

Delivered. Ontime.